Te Wallahi Im Libyan

For all those Libyans with open minds who want to improve Libya as well as those who just want to embrace culture :) welcome.


- **NOTE - Fake named profiles are NOT accepted. If you don't have your real name you will not be accepted here.

- This group is for learning about our Libyan culture. Try to keep the posts as relevant to that as possible.

- You can make posts in any language you like, but preferably one that other members can understand. (For example English, Arabic etc).

- Please be respectful to one another, avoid getting fired up and definitely do NOT ever personally attack/abuse anyone!

- Dont spam the page with pictures. We want to keep the more interesting and relevant posts on top so people dont have to scroll down the entire page to find something nice.

- If you have many pics, put one up every day or add them as "picture comments" to a post.

- Respect and listen to your admins.

- If anyone is bothering you by friend requesting or messaging you, let us admins know in private and we'll send them out of the group.

InshaAllah, we will all have a great time here and be brought closer to our motherland, Libya.