• The Trinidad and Tobago Performing Arts Network •


• Since its inception in 2008, The Trinidad and Tobago Performing Arts Network has been committed to the equal promotion and development of the upcoming amateur, as well as the established professional groups and personnel in the Performing Arts Industry of Trinidad and Tobago.


• To encourage professional and aspiring producers, directors, performers and theatre workers to share information about their companies, upcoming auditions and performances, and assist them where necessary in developing their marketing strategies to reach a greater target audience.

• In addition to creating a space where patrons can easily partake and participate in sharing information about upcoming shows in the genres of music, dance, film and theatre, The Trinidad and Tobago Performing Arts Network also provides up to date info on the latest casting calls, workshops and opportunities in an effort to prepare and empower individuals with little or no experience to take their first step into the spotlight.

• To create a self sustaining open forum where anyone can access first hand reports of almost every production in Trinidad and Tobago and provide the means where individuals may expand their network and learn of, with and from each other, simultaneously developing the local performing arts industry to its full potential.

Email Address: tt.performingarts.net@gmail.com