The Chile Experience

An English-speaking community for residents and ExPats living in Chile and tourists travelling to Chile, where we can help each other out with useful tips and information about how to best enjoy this beautiful country! Know of a fun event happening this weekend in Valparaiso? Have a question about driving through the south of Chile? Had a positive dining experience in Santiago and would like to recommend the restaurant to others? Looking for a reasonably priced hotel in San Pedro de Atacama? The idea behind this group is to create an interactive space where we can give and receive useful information about ALL of Chile to help us English-speaking folks make the most of our stay here!

In an effort to keep this Facebook group free from fake profiles and spammers, know that your profile will be quickly reviewed prior to approving your membership request to ensure you are indeed a real person :-) If you have requested membership and you still have not been admitted to the group, it may be because your Facebook profile's authenticity was in doubt, so do Private Message me so that I may approve the request!

Please read the following Acceptable Use Policy for the Group. Posts that do not abide by the rules will be deleted and members who continually do not follow the rules will have their membership revoked.

- Members are welcome to post pictures of their adventures in Chile!

- It's important to note that this group is for the English-speaking community - this INCLUDES individuals who speak English as a second (or third or fourth!) language :-)

- You are welcome to promote your business or upcoming event AS LONG AS it has to do with the overall objective of the group - in other words, hospitality and tourism. Do be considerate and refrain from posting the same advertisement over and over again as this can get annoying to others in the group. Businesses and organizations are welcome to join and participate in the group as long as the business or organization falls within the Chilean hospitality and tourism industry. Excessive commercial postings will be deleted.

- Please do not post your items for sale. There are many other Facebook groups where you can post your items for sale - like "Sell it in Chile" and "Gringos Garage Sale"

- Abusive language (i.e. cursing at others) or the use of threats towards other members will not be tolerated and members who engage in this behavior will immediately have their membership revoked and be permanently banned from the group. Please note that I make a point of NOT censoring content but I will immediately ban the person from the group if he/she uses threats or abusive language towards another member.