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After I found out I was pregnant with my first baby girl, born March 24, 2011, I started keeping a list of all my girlfriends (mostly facebook friends) that were expecting too. Well my list grew to over 20 women,and after talking with one of them online I thought "Hey, it i nice to be able to share this experience with friends!" so here we are. A place for expecting Moms and for Moms who already have children. a place were we can bounce ideas, questions and suggestions off of each other! I hope it is helpful to all my fellow Mommy's!!!

1. please be respectful, there are times sensitive subjects arise and we want to always have a place we can have adult conversations that are respectful of each other. not to say we cant disagree, we just need to be mindful of how we say things.

2. please don't advertise your own business in the Modern Mommy! While we welcome suggestions we don't want to bombard each other with advertisements. as a business owner myself i realize that it is tempting, but please resist said temptation unless a mommy in your area asks and is specifically looking for your talent! If you are interested in selling or buying products join our Market on facebook,

3. use this group as a sounding board, ask questions, offer links, vent, cry, laugh, and most of all enjoy some "mommy" time with other mommy's that can relate!

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