The Nail Files

This is a support group for like minded professionals. It is a place where we can inspire each other, post our work for feedback and get factual scientific support for our craft.

This group is not product biased but we are passionate about the facts behind the industry products.

As Jan Arnold said, we are not competition!!

Please feel free to add anyone to the goup but please be aware, any unprofessional behaviour (this includes name calling) will earn you expulsion from this group!

PLEASE NOTE: along with belittling and rudeness, racism is not permitted in this group. You may use the Term NSS but not to describe the majority race of a salon. To clarify, a Non Stardard Salon is just that. A NST (Non Stardard Tech) is someone that MAY not have insurance, MAY not be certified, MAY not clean or sterilise their tools and MAY be ANY nationality or skin color. By using the term NSS to describe nationality will earn you a one way ticket out of this group. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or concerns about this update.

You may post items that you have for sale but please open an album titled with your name if you are selling more than one item. Please do not bump these every 5 minutes, once a day is enough.

Do not post anything that is not industry related, it will be deleted.

I hope this is a fun place to be and I can't wait to see your Nail Art ideas!

Sammi xx