Battleworld: The Super Nerd Stash

1) This is a nerdy entertainment group where you can post about ...your favorite video games, comic books, animes, sci-fi, fantasy, cartoon, tv shows, music, movies, etc and generally anything nerdy from the entertainment world.

•If you get easily offended, then this is not the group for you. Nerdy people can be straight savage af sometimes and that's ok here lol.

2) Discussions:
•Post as much nerdy shit as you would like. Make this your home. If you don't like someone’s post, then feel free to just pass it up.
•If you post bold or controversial statements, then just know that shit attracts attention. Some people will nOt agree with you and they don't really have to. Cheers.

•Post fun and interactive threads.
•Versus match ups can be posted all day everyday.
•Respect threads are always encouraged.
•If you have a point to prove, then it is preferred that you provide your audience with some form of a creditable bread crumb such as a comic title, book title, episode etc. Spite threads will likely occur. Try to be cool. Troll other members at your own risk.

•Be sure to hit the LIKE button! SHARE our posts to other groups/pages for more discussion.

3) About Spoilers: Posting a blatant outright trollish spoiler is not cool. Leave at least 48 hours for tv shows and if you HAVE to talk about it NOW, then the recommendation for your post is:


4) Blocking an admin will get you banned instantly and all of your content will be savagely deleted from the group.

•Contact one of us if you want to report abuse by members or an admin. But if you have questions or suggestions feel free to hit us up any time really. We don't see every single post because well, LIFE, but we do not mind inquiries and concerns. We are:

••••••••Micah Richardson
••••••Suave Norwood
••••Casey Van Andel
••Terrell Kitowski
•Vasilios Andreopoulus
•••Josh Berdiel
•••••Courtney Lane
•••••••Sal-El Urameshi
•••••••••Michael Knight

5) Advertising your group or page without admin approval will result in the post being deleted. Message us for such things. If you get permission to advertise from an admin, then just thank said admin in your post.

•Duplicate posts, "Attachment Unavailable”, & all selfie posts will all be deleted.

6) In the event that you see something weird like porn links, sunglass ads, extreme gore, nudity etc, then please just tag an admin(s) so that one of us may remove it from the group timeline.

•Nudity is not allowed on Facebook. Make sure your posts stay within the network standards. Limit the sexually suggestive posts please and no reppin for your gangs here lol thank you in advance.

Yes we are savages.