The Trend Squad

The Trend Squad is an online public forum dedicated to fashion a...nd design. We wish to amass design enthusiasts through this platform.

Share fashion/styling/ make up/ interiors related posts. From Selena Gomez's recent look to Shingo Sato's pattern techniques, discuss it all here. Share your own style and let other members critique your look (all in good faith). Help others sharing tutorials and learn too. Let others help you when you seek advice. Review brands/ labels/ services and share your experience with us. Tell us about events and exhibitions.

You can promote your products and services here, we would love to help you scale your business. We expect the sellers to provide genuine services to the buyer. The Trend Squad is not responsible for any product or content that is shared by the members.Please maintain the decency of the forum. Any inappropriate post or comment would be deleted immediately. We reserve the right to remove/block a person for any sort of misconduct.