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Welcome to Meditators & Healers on Facebook!

For the 7.2 billi...on population on this planet, a critical mass of at least 1 billion conscious people are required to raise the frequency of Earth, to take it to the next level of consciousness.

You are welcome to make posts in this group regarding wellness of mind, body and spirit, so that a lot of awareness is shared amongst all present here, who in turn, create awareness outside this group too.

Please follow these 2 simple rules when posting in this group:

1) Do not make more than 1 post per day. There are no limits on comments.
2) Keep your posts within the subject matter and purpose of this group.

This group is a creation of THE WORLD UNITED . For more details, pl visit Kindly also read the 'About' tab of the group to know its purpose and activities before joining.

Thank You!

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