Total Praise & Worship - Ghana

Total Praise & Worship is a non- denominational program designed to give God continuous, uninterrupted praise & worship. It was birthed out of the desire of a group of christians to set aside quality time dedicated exclusively to the praise and worship of God. It's a three to four hour time when christians are led into the presence of God by several annointed worship leaders in turn. There is no preaching, or any other interruptions, just worshipping. A time of exalting and magnifying the Lord inspite of whatever issues we are facing. By our worship, we declare that the fact that we have issues does not change who God is. We believe that God deserves the best so in order to make His praise glorious, the venue for this programme will always be some of the finest places in the city. The first was held in December 2007 at Alisa Hotel in Accra but after 3 programs, we outgrew the venue and subsequent programs have been held at the National Theatre.
This programme is absolutely non-profit making and admission is free.It is funded by christians who buy into the vision. All worship leaders, instrumentalists and other helpers do so on a purely voluntary basis. No payment of any form is made to anybody. The whole idea is to bring back the spirit of sacrifice into christiandom, where we give of ourselves wholly to the Lord and we will not expect to be paid by man for doing this. We acknowledge the fact that it is God who has given us our various skills, talents and financial resources and He deserves the first fruits of these blessings.
Services held so far have been annointed and powerful and people have literally felt the presence of the Lord. There's nothing like being lost in worship in an atmosphere specifically designed for it. The experience is simply heavenly!
If you want to join the four and twenty elders who cry 'Holy, holy, holy is the Lord' then join this group. He's awesome!