New Zealand, Trade, Barter Sell....

New Zealand Trade ,Barter , buy & sell,is a site or group where members can come to list or see what goods or services are up for Barter, Trade, swap or sale. It is a site that connects people together with or without the use of money.
Trading has been going on for generations, & is a good way to get the goods you want, & at the same time maybe get rid of somethings too.
It is a fun & interesting site that connects people, goods & services.
-All posts are to be genuine, & goods are to be in working order or the order promised upon agreement of trade.
-Please give notice ASAP, if you are unable to carry out the trade, as we don't want people to be mucked around.
-Please can we keep the group friendly & have no abuse etc-
-Also any complaints about other members, please could you let the administrator know, thank you.
Other than that, ENJOY!