Trailing Houses

Trailing Houses is a Facebook group for household members of the world-wide mission-related American community and their FSOs (single and tandem FSOs also welcome). Trailing Houses is a private, moderated group with restricted membership; this means we do our best to keep spammers out and information in, but do not be fooled about privacy. Please assume if you make a comment in here that your HRO, RSO, and anyone else the world over can and may read that comment.

To join, click "Join Group" and then message the admins (Erica Meeks, E.M. Dyer, Ecy McIlvain Hughes, Lesley K Beahm) to tell us how you are part of the official USG community.

If you request to add a friend, send the admins a message to let us know who you've added. Please remember that everyone has an "other" messages folder, and if we don't hear from you, one of the admins will send you a message that will likely go to the "other" folder.

Please use discretion when posting business-related topics, whether it's your house for sale or you're trying to promote your business; there are groups devoted to buy/sell/trade (EFMs helping other EFMs find employment and FS Borrow - Barter - Sell) and it might be more prudent to post your info there.

We don't have a strict code of conduct here, and at the same time we who administer this group recognize the same as many in our society today do, that there are actions and behaviors that are detrimental to trust, harmful to relationships, and deceitful; we will not tolerate that behavior here. Please try to exhibit that which you think we should at least embody for our children.

Do post research, ask about packing logistics, share recipes, mention de-stressers (please no SBU info) and family activities for wherever you are in the world!