Travel Chicks ROCK!!!

Travel Chicks ROCK: Transforming the art of travel. One woman at... a time.

Travel Chick: A woman who travels. Unapologetically. Authentically. ABSOLUTELY. Travel Chicks don't just visit a country, we indulge in it. We are not tourists, no ma'am. We want to live as the locals do, leaving no drop of culture behind. Where are we off to next? Who knows! Everywhere is on our list! Passport always at the ready, when it comes to travel, we ROCK!

As a group, we are a community of women eager to share knowledge, deals, information and time. Travel Chicks ROCK! is many things to many women, but more than anything, it is a forum, a place for women to discuss, engage and grow, all in the name of the passion that binds us: Travel. Please introduce yourself. Make time to see what there is to see. Join a discussion. Participate in a trip. Dolls, this is our time, our place and our passion. Let's make the most out of it!



You must be a woman. Duh.

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If you've just joined Facebook or your profile is excessively private, please keep scrolling. You will not be approved.

If you belong to a thousand groups, you will not be approved. This is a community. You can’t be actively involved when you are spread so thin.

If your profile is a joint profile with your spouse or significant other, you will not be approved.

If your profile is for a business, not a person, you will not be approved.

The wait list to join us is LONG. Preference is given to women who a) have been referred by someone in the group; b) have multiple friends in the group; or c) are friends with Danielle (That's me).

If your profile is one where travel is aggressively marketed, you will likely be denied. This group is the extension of a business. Other than the itineraries prepared and sold by Destination By Danielle and hosted by Travel Chicks ROCK!, no solicitation is allowed.

If your profile contains explicit or pornographic content you will not be admitted to the group.

It should go without saying, but NO BOYS ALLOWED. Upon request, sir, you will be denied and BLOCKED.


Travel Chicks ROCK! is a company specializing in group travel for women. As a concierge travel service, we plan every aspect of the group travel experience. Authenticity and immersion are our specialties. Take a moment to take it all in. Join one of our many upcoming trips. You're in great company.

2008 is when it all began. Since then, Travel Chicks ROCK! has taken women from varying backgrounds to destinations around the globe. Initially started as social group to connect women through the common bond of travel, via Facebook and other social media platforms, our community has grown to a membership of thousands of women around the world. We are a movement, coming together locally and globally. We travel authentically and without limits. This is what we do.

Welcome, Lovely! Your journey starts NOW.