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Trep Talk is a safe space to talk about sex, love, relationships, and the specific challenges we face in the dating world as entrepreneurs.

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1) Respect The Group's Notifications:

We want to keep Notifications to a minimum, to keep Trep Talk a safe and comfortable place to visit and interact for all entrepreneurs.

The best way to introduce yourself is to dive right into a thread, saying hello, and adding some input.

All Posts (from 12-22-14 onward) are approved by us, to keep notifications to a minimum. If you have a question about a post, please feel free to reach out to us.

But know, we DO want to hear from you. Comment to your heart's content. Please, say hello!

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2) Check out the Detailed Guidelines Below.


a) This is a Safe Space.

Please have these conversations as if they were in the privacy of your own home. Blatant disrespect will not be tolerated, and if you're an asshole, you'll be removed from the group.

b) This is a Spam-Free Zone.

We're keeping this a spam-free zone, but relevant articles & discussions are encouraged. If you want to post an article of yours or of someone else's in the group, message David or Max to get approval first. Otherwise your post will be deleted and you may be removed from the group.

c) Have Fun

Talking about sex/relationships/dating is one of our favorite things to do, especially since they are such charged topics. Enjoy exploring and learning more about your sex, love, and dating lives!

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3) Dive In!

We have awesome topics lined up for discussion, from Topic Tuesdays, to Win Wednesdays and True or False Fridays.

The best part? Our threads NEVER close. Comment as far back as your heart desires.

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There are TONS of Facebook Groups, and lots of them (including some that I've created) just aren't that useful.

The intention of this group is to break that pattern, and truly be a helpful and stimulating resource for entrepreneurs.

Max Nachamkin and I run Dating for Entrepreneurs, where we help entrepreneurs build awesome relationships without sacrificing their businesses.

This is our way of giving as much value as possible. We're here to share our insights, spark interesting discussions, and create THE place for entrepreneurs to get input on everything dating-related.

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Introduce yourself below, and dive right in.
Interact as much (or as little) as you're ready for.

And, don't forget Ground Rule #3: Have Some Serious Fun!

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David Hrostoski
Max Nachamkin