Real Madrid Club De Futbol Fans Bangladesh (Madridista™)

Real Madrid Club De Futbol Fans Bangladesh (Madridista™) Rules & Regulations:

Everybody is requested to maintain the rules{given below}

1. This is the biggest Madrid fan group in Bangladesh. The sole purpose of this group is to create a place where all of us who support Real Madrid with one goal and one aim. You care share anything about your loving football club but any off topic post is prohibited. This is very straight and clear we will not tolerate any kind of off topic post here so we (Admins) will remove that post without any explanation.

2. We are requesting every single members of our group to avoid racial and offensive comments to each other.

3. As we all are Real Madrid fan here so its better to keep the unity among us. We all are same with one identity so if you have any queries and question feel free to share with us. You guys are one of us and its your group as well so its your duty as well to keep it clean and safe from any kind of incidents. So for any kind of concern plz contact with our active admins. Here is the Contact number:
**01613120473(Nirzhor Khan)

4.For any kind of indecency and inappropriate situation first we will post a verbal warning. Just to make you aware about the fact coz its a hard job as an admin where we deal with Hundreds of active member so just sake of our groups well being we will warn you and if it not works then we are sorry we will place a temporary Ban.

5.No one can slang or use bad word about any player who wear Real Madrid shirt. Not even manager or any other person who is related to the Club. Breaking this very rule will cost direct ban. No Trash-Talking, abusing players after bad performance.If they perform bad then talk with facts, which area they have played bad and what way can they improve, saying 'player akta baal' and 'k***ar bach*ha' isnt a solution, in fact it ruins the whole atmosphere of the group .
*******A member can be BANNED for********
Posting racial,Offensive,Aggressive post on the group wall or towards any other member.

The causes might also be:
i.Using coarse language.
ii.Creating an hostile environment.
iii.Insulting other members.
iv.Not following the group rules.
v.Trying to create a wrong image of this group.
vi.Any advertisement or endorsement will not be allowed.
vii.A person will get a direct ban if he/she Slang's other group member.
viii.Say No to Racism.
ix. Any business related post will require admin approval.
x.No-one is allowed to share any topic or argument discussed in this group with the people of any other common group(Ex.FLCB,FFBD Bla Bla Bla) If found then, Permanent ban will be in order.
xi.You can not discuss about any admin of our group to any other group.
xii. If any member of this group blocks any of the admins. Personal matters will be considered. (Blocking more than one admin will not be tolerated, no matter the reason)