Smitten Parties

and so the family grows! well done for finding the group...

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Smitten was created in 2008 with the intention of bringing something fresh, exciting, fun and inspiring to the London house music scene.

We believe that brands are built 'word or mouth' and so we maintain a personal approach to running the events. By keep parties small and in a variety of venues, Smittens' popularity has grown rapidly and with the right mixture of happy, mature and fun loving ravers, who bring with them a fantastic family atmosphere and great vibes hugely reminiscent of the bygone acid house days.

Combining cutting edge sounds with live vocal and instrumental performances, Smitten’s 'house' music policy is diverse and strives to push boundaries.

Actively promoting the freshest up-and-coming DJ talent, Smitten works hard to bring in new faces that compliment it’s trademark sound of funk fuelled tech, deep and forward thinking house, infused with LIVE uplifting vocals that bring warmth to the party and hardcore stamina to the dancefloor!

It’s this innovative approach that keeps Smitten’s fingers firmly on the pulse of the underground scene.

Whilst Smitten’s popularity continues to rise, our London parties will always be kept small to maintain that fun and exclusive feeling, thus keeping things well n truly Smitten ;o)

This year will see Smitten continuing with its current party policy as well as venturing into collaborations with other nights and extending into festivals and international tours…. and so the family grows!

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Please have a listen to our mixes at - check out the galleries and upcoming events and hopefully we’ll see you at one of our nights.

If you’re a DJ or producer that would like their music heard or considered for future parties, then please drop your music into the sound cloud box here:

Additionally, If you’re interested in hosting a Smitten night at your venue, or wish to book a Smitten DJ, then please email for further information.

Until the next time… if you love house, then be sure to keep it well n truly Smitten x

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Smitten DJ's and Artiste Performances to Date:


DJ Jolie
Richie Fingers
Carlos Florez
Andy Cruise
Jessica Rabbit
Jo Devious
Chris Andes
Dales Hayes
Peter Borg
Pete Dee
Chris Andes
Tim Spins
Martin Blaize
Paul Roarin Lyons
Nigel Jay
Darren ST
Leni J Sovec
Joe Old Skool


Ama La Zoylita


Amanda on Bongos
Bongo Man Flex

plus many more to come!

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Love House..?

you’ll be well n truly Smitten x