Hello Tunisia (Asslema)

Hello and Welcome Everyone!

This group is for TUNISIA Lovers fom all around the world!..FEEL FREE to share your experience , pictures , videos, hobbys , questions, comments, suggestions, problem........

Please accept our rules:
1 . Group consists of people of legal age , of any nationality, and gender
2 . In the group we communicate in English.
3 . In the group we do not place ads dating services - such posts will be deleted.
4 . In the group are rules of savoir vivre - do not offend other members or their families.
5 . Forbidden is to promote hatred and religious intolerance , ethnic and racial .
6 . New members are required to read the rules of the group.
7 . Mandatory is a total ban on copying and publishing private pictures of other members of the group .
8 . Writing posts and comments should be avoided settling their private affairs and litigation are not subject to the general discussion on the group ( to serve private messages ) . We do not write about people by name absent from the group.
9 . Our group is not an advertising service
10 . For non-compliance principles enshrined in the regulations will be used by the administrators of the two -stage penalty : 1 - warning, 2 - removal from the group.