TU-TSA 天普大學台灣同學會 (Temple University Taiwanese Student Association )

歡迎各位蒞臨天普大學台灣同學會Facebook page!
Welcome to Taiwanese Student Association at Temple Univeristy (TSA@TU)!!!

The mission of this group is to better support Taiwanese students in adapting to life and academic studies in the Temple-Philadelphia community. With the fast growing presence of the Taiwanese community we believe it is important to continue this tradition for future incoming Taiwanese scholars.

In addition, TU-TSA serves to promote Taiwanese culture by sponsoring many culture-related events to the Temple community throughout the year. TSA also welcomes all people regardless of their cultural backgrounds!

天普大學台灣同學會TSA已成立多年,為一健全的台灣學生自治組織,並為大紐約學聯FTSANY的一員。在這個網站中,我們提供各項食衣住行,旅遊及娛樂 資訊,讓您能更進一步了解天普大學及費城。同時也歡迎您上網站聊天或提出寶貴的意見,這是一個屬於你我的公共園地,我們希望您能從中獲得您所需要的資訊, 並與我們共同分享留學生涯的點點滴滴。


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