Society of Women Engineers

University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Chapter of Society of... Women Engineers:

An organization dedicated to promoting women in engineering and science. Everybody is welcome to join, provided that they support women in engineering.


1. Upgrade to professional status when you graduate!
If you decide to join the organization as a professional member it can cost you $120. If you are a graduating senior and you want to upgrade yourself to a professional, it will only cost you $20. This is a saving of $100. And it also helps you on your job hunt.

2. Joint membership with SHPE and NSBE is available too!
Professional members of SWE are offered joint membership with SHPE or NSBE for a single discounted rate. You can save up to $50.

3. Joining SWE is a great way to stand out. As a man or a woman involved with our organization, it shows leadership, commitment to engineering and equality and an enthusiasm for community.

4. Free web seminars and magazine, you can attend conferences where recruiters and professionals are looking to recruit and hire, internship help is here!

5. Meet other amazing engineers! (:

How can you join? Register online at

Sign up on our mailing list at

Come out to our events. They're listed on our website and our Facebook group!