Exeter University Archery Club 2014 - 2015

For anyone looking to join/ interested in archery club, and for current/past members to keep up to date with current socials and old friends.

Current session times:

Tuesday 8-10pm - Studio 3 - Everyone (Beginner group A weeks 1-6)
Wednesday 6-8pm - Studio 3 - Squad Only
Friday 9:30-11:30am - Sports Hall - As invited/experienced only (Experienced Only Weeks 1-6)
Saturday 9-10:30am - Sports Hall - Everyone (Experienced only Weeks 1-6)
Sunday 2-4pm - Studio 3 - Everyone (Beginner group B week 1-6)

We currently have 8 committee members:
Club Captain: Eliott Rooke
Secretary: Lizzie Martin
Treasurer: Max Kompart
Squad Captain: Mike Hoskin
Publicity Officer: Andrew Browne
Equipment Officer: Lisa Sutton
Joint Quartermaster and Records Officer: Kayleigh Sandercock
Social Secretary: Frazer Rite

Membership enquiries can be sent to archery.captain@exeter.ac.uk along with any other questions. Alternatively you can find us at any of the sessions.