Accepted - University of Toronto, Class of 2019

If you are attending the University of Toronto (any campus!) this coming September as the class of 2019, JOIN THIS GROUP!

Here you can meet, discuss academics, match schedules, and mingle with those of the same school year!

Feel free to ask questions about courses, preparing for university life, and anything else which is of concern to you!


Here are some links here that will hopefully help you out throughout the year:

U of T Arts & Science Official Calendar:

U of T Arts & Science Official Timetable:

U of T Current Arts & Science Students Website:

ROSI (Student Account/Repository of Grades/Financial Balances):

Degree Requirements (Breadth),_H.B.Sc.,_BCom).html

Course Finder:

Degree Explorer:


U of T Students' Union Website:

Meal Plans:


GPA Calculator:

The Varsity - UofT Student Newspaper

Clubs and Student Organizations:


This group is not affiliated in any way with the University of Toronto.

Groups like this one pop up ever year. Historically, however, they have been created by fake facebook accounts who then fill the groups with spam and advertisements in order to generate revenue off of referral links and website hits. (Indeed, if there are other U of T Class of 2019 facebook groups currently around, I can promise you that most--if not all--of them have been created by fake facebook accounts for precisely this reason). This particular group, on the other hand, is operated by actual students at the U of T who are interested in providing a better facebook resource for newly admitted students. As such, this is (most likely) the only page for the U of T Class of 2019 which has any sort of moderation whatsoever.

Advertisements pertaining to University Of Toronto events/clubs/etc will be permitted and not removed (unless there is some other specific reason that they warrant removal).

Posts and comments harassing or attacking other students will be removed.

Individuals who repeatedly harass or attack other students will be removed and banned from the group (please don't make us remove you; this group is a fantastic resource, and you can benefit a lot from it).

Posts and individuals may be removed without any justification. Use your brain, and you'll be fine.