Legalize Virginia Sunday Hunting For All

Lift the ban on Sunday still hunting of wild game.
The bill that... we seek wouldn't say "You must hunt on Sunday".
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The Virginia Sunday Hunting Coalition

This group is designed to keep hunters and supporters of the freedom to choose to hunt on Sunday up to date on actions in Richmond to legalize Sunday hunting for all. What is posing the roadblocks, what the voting records are, who we need to write and call, and which politicians need to hear from you.

Priority 1:
Educate the public
* There is no ban on Sunday hunting, only a few forms ofl hunting of wild game are banned on Sunday.
* Use of Dogs while hunting bear, raccoon and fox on Sunday is legal, birds and fur-bearing animals are also allowed to be hunted with with firearms and harvested.
* Many Virginians are not aware that hunting opportunity on Sunday isn't banned, only restricted.
* Try and contact your local or regional paper and see if there is any interest in running a story.
* Get the word out that the Sunday strangle hold is being done by the minority of hunters, most hunters now support Sunday hunting.
* Polls show that when asked most Virginians support the option to hunt on Sunday.
* Hunting is far safer than other outdoor activities such horseback riding with over 2,300 people hospitalized annually as a result of injury. Horseback riders are 20 times more likely to suffer injury than a motorcycle rider.
* Use radio talk shows and call in to get the message out

Priority 2:
Educate your legislators
* Contact your Legislators and voice your opinion - this is VERY important for those of you who live in districts whose legislators are on the State Senate or House Agriculture Committee
* Let them know that the horror stories they hear about hunting are either false, over exaggerated or may be outright lies told by those who have an agenda against hunting or the result of criminal activity - NOT HUNTING.
* You wish that they would come to the table with some form of compromise.
* Go to political events and opportunities to publically question your legislators on their stance on Sunday hunting for all. Remember civility and let us know on the group what you find out.

Priority 3:
Vote with your wallet
* Support those who are supporting us

Priority 4:
Continue to grow the facebook group. So far it is the largest group of grass roots effort that exists in The State. Thousands of members and growing, there is strength in numbers!