The LIBERIAN ELECTORAL COLLEGE will seek to be proactive and evaluate prospective candidates for the Office of Liberian Senate in 2014 and the Office of Liberian President in 2017. These offices are crucial in enhancing our Democracy and therefore we must actively and intentionally vet these prospective candidates.
-To vet political aspirants and political parties by examining their political platform, legislature agenda, their motivation and books that inform their decision making;

-To examine Documentary evidence as well as anecdotal evidence and verifiable information by word of mouth from family, friends and close associates;

-Until 2017, specific emphasis will be placed on George Weah, Benoni Urey, Brumskine and any other candidate that emerges as a prospective frontrunner.

-We will look at the candidate's character, integrity and temperament, dictatorial tendencies, beliefs on civil liberties, ability to accept criticism without viewing critics as enemies; and the candidate's religious, economic and political philosophies;

-We will examine their Resume: education, work experiences, leadership experience, vision, skills, philanthropy, executive skills, managerial skills, administrative skills, and respectability on the world stage;

-We will look at who they are affiliated with; i.e.: The party they represent, advisers, associates; who they were aligned with during the war, etc.

Rules and Regulations

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-No posting of porn or obscene materials on this page. Violators will be inbox a note of warning on first count of offense. An administrator shall serve a public note of warning, which shall be read by all. A third count shall be a ban;

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-The group forbids members posting any such contents that may incite violence and/or threaten the peace of individuals, tribe or security of the State;

-Insults during exchange are strictly forbidden;

-No promotion or advertising for a political party or movement;

-No tribal politics or divisive posts or comments, any or all such acts that may gravitate to crisis is not allowed

-No referring to Elected Government officials in a derogatory way

-No referring to an incumbent president as REBEL or KILLER.