Expats in Warsaw, Poland

1. Join by email ONLY!! JOIN by sending email to tyrel@tyrel.pl with subject "EXPATS in WARSAW POLAND" (without quotes), to be added (unless you have a friend in the group and they can approve it)

2. No companies! This is a group for real PEOPLE who are expats. COMPANIES will be removed. No "on behalf of" account requests. If you want access, YOU sign up for the group.

3. HUMBLE self promotion - no large / intrusive ads or they will be removed. Repeat offenders are warned and then banned. Company profiles or excessive posting of products will be removed. Users banned at discretion of admin.

4. SELLING - If you sell something, the ORIGINAL POST (not comments) must contain the price or price range. Ads should be 100% clear about what is offered. Pictures and text should not take excessive space. We recommend you only sell things you personally own. Commercial Advertisers or Ad brokers, etc. will be removed. This is for expats by expats. If you represent a commercial seller or company, ASK FIRST BEFORE POSTING! Repeat offenders will be banned from the group without warning.

5. Job OFFERS - If you post a job offer, make sure there is a CLEAR basic description, a salary or salary range, and a link to more details. It must be clear WHO is offering the job from either the original post or the link. Offers not including the price will be removed without warning.

6. No SPAM! Anything the admin or enough users complain about as being SPAMMY will result in post being removed, and possibly user. The point is to share info relevant to expats in WARSAW, Poland. Political topics are potentially considered "spammy" if not informative.

7. YOU agree to help by reporting those who do not abide by these rules.

8. You agree the admin is a benevolent dictator and as such may choose to remove, ban, poke fun at, or be the giver of biting satire at any point and without any reason.

9. English group! Please use English. You can post other things but make sure it is FIRST in English, then in the other language. Offenders risk having their post deleted or being banned.

If you do not agree to any of these rules, leave the group immediately!

Mission Statement:
To create a positive and constructive environment to meet, and help fellow expats in Warsaw. We welcome a humble self-promotion and networking between expats.

If you have questions or problems, you may email the admin, tyrel@tyrel.pl