Ladies and Gentlemen, friends of face book and Liberians in general, We are very pleased to establish this group so as to help us discuss some of the many problems we are faced with in Liberia when it come to ROAD SAFETY, for me, I believe only Liberians can do what is best for Liberia with the support of our friends from worldwide. In the new dispensation of Liberia, I don’t think we should wait for Government to do everything, why? If they do, than what will the people do to sustain themselves? With the high unemployment rate, I think it is about time we become far sighted in creating jobs to help keep our people busy and at the same time, creating an atmosphere to peace and stability.

WoGeS Vehicle N Motorcycle Safety Training Services-LIBERIA was established in 2008 after more than two years of close observation of the alarming ROAD SAFETY crisis which were and are stay seizing lives and leaving many people handicap, this is all due to the fact of having SELF TRAINED DRIVERS/ROAD USERS on the streets and highways of Liberia. Since 2008, WoGeS has been calling the attention of all Liberians and Government agencies to see the need for a comprehensive road safety policy with enforcement been highlighted.

Looking out, we realized that the ROAD SAFETY is not only a Liberian crisis but a global one, years before 2011, the UNITED NATIONS began very concerned with the huge fatalities and began looking into this direction, it was resolved that a DECADE be declared to intervene as a global body, in May 2011, the DECADE was launched with a common approach worldwide with one simple identity, fortunately for Liberia, WoGeS is a signatory to the COMMITMENT to promote ROAD SAFETY in a more civilized manner and is preparing to disturb that identity in Liberia.

The UNITED NATIONS records say over 1.3 people die every year meanly young people with over 50 millions injury creating more hardship for family and governments around the world; it is no joke Liberia is a part. Can we as a NATION, sit and watch this to add to the over 250 people that got killed in the 14 years of civil war in Liberia?


Is to solicit the input of all Liberian both in and out of Liberia for their support to petition the Government of Liberia for a comprehensive ROAD SAFETY program in which the private sector can play a key part making the Government PUBLIC, PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP (PPP) initiative a success.


Is for every road user in Liberia regardless of their status know their responsibility to each other on the road through training/awareness at their level and ensured that every resident bear a symbol of the UNITED NATIONS “DECADE OF ACTIONS FOR ROAD SAFETY 2011-2020”


Is your contribution in what ever way you consider, we hope to continue our Road Safety 4 All program on ELBC Radio and every radio and TV stations in Liberia, and with sign post place for all road users to see. Please use any of our contacts to share your view with us as we will always have you inform of our activities.
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