Xercise4Less Newcastle-under-Lyme

The ninth gym in the chain for Xercise4Less, based on Barracks Road.

Xercise4Less Newcastle-under-Lyme boasts a 29,000 sq ft gym floor, based over two floors with over 400 pieces of state of the art equipment, which is zoned for different activities such as cardio, weights area, a combat zone, and a women's only area, along with additional areas for Personal Training and Spinning.

This is a members only group which exists for the benefit of our members at our Newcastle-under-Lyme gym. This group gives our members the opportunity to interact with each other, the gym, and help everyone get the most out of their membership. By being a member of this group, you will receive special offers, discounts, and other incentives.

We would appreciate your feedback, suggestions, and honesty to make your gym membership really work for you.

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