Exotic Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) For Sale

The aim of the group is to help clients and breeders of Yorkies ...of ALL colours connect.

To successfully advertise a pup try include as much as possible of the following in your ads:

*Colour as well as genes carried
*Date of Birth / Age
*Current Weight
*Estimated Adult Weight
*Any DNA or Health Tests
*Price i.e Adoption Fee
*Registration Body
*Parents information
*Any other important information
*Breeder Information (Contact number, Location etc)
*Clear Photo of the available pup
*Clear Photo of the parents

Tip: The more info given allows clients to more easily get into contact with the breeder that can suit their specific need.

Tip: Remember most Breeders are not 100% set on their prices. If your breeder gets to know you well enough they will be willing to negotiate on prices as in the end its more important that our babies go to the best homes possible and not their price tag.

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