York University Musicians Society

CLUB HOURS: Winters College room 145 Tuesday and Thursday 2pm-5pm
MEMBERSHIP FEE is $10 and entitles you to play at our open mics, discounted tickets to our shows, free guitar ensemble classes, and other special workshops and events. You don't have to pay to be a part of the facebook group, though.

Hello and welcome to our group for all kinds of musicians here at York University!

Go ahead and introduce yourself.
Tell us what kind of music you make, what instruments/equipment you're using, reviews of any kind for music production software/hardware etc.

If you're looking for anyone else to play with, this is the place to meet other like-minded peeps at York.

Let's keep each other informed of any updates coming up.
This includes raves, parties, concerts you name it!

We would appreciate if you don't post other people's music and only share your own tracks or ideas or opinions.

If you want to link us to your music, you may only do it once per track. Doing it more than once will only make the group messy. Let's try to keep our group neat.

No spamming with affiliation links.

Remember, we're here to have a good time!

CLUB OFFICE: Winters College room 145
CLUB HOURS: Tuesday and Thursday 2pm-5pm