York University Book Exchange (YUBE)

Disclaimer: Facebook, the administrators, moderators, or anyone or anything affiliated with this group is not liable for damages that may occur before, during, or after engaging in a transaction. Everything you do is solely your responsibility, and it is solely your responsibility to conduct your business transactions morally and safely.

The purpose of this group is to provide a centralized place for York Students that will have the ability to not only buy books at a better price, but also for students to get a better resale value for their books.

The book store is ridiculous when it comes to charging you for course materials, and just as bad when you go to sell your own books. Sometimes they don't even buy back your book.... NOT EVEN 5 bucks for a Latte at Second Cup next door.

So, its a little late for me as I'm in fourth year, but I want the rest of you to be able to benefit from cheaper prices. T

Despite opposition, Tuition fees are rising, so lets fight back by making the overall cost to attend University a little lower by introducing alternate ways to purchase course materials.

You can buy, sell, trade... and the best part of this system is that:

a) I'm not making any money from the transaction
b) You can see the profile of the person you're doing business with (so you can kind of figure out of they're an internet weirdo)
c) You keep your money where it belongs...(at the bar jk)

So with that said, join and invite your friends! and YES I know it won't be helpful in the middle of the semester, but its a good group to have and be aware of for when you CAN use the services.

And best of all, its up in time for the winter term, so you can use as little of your Christmas money (sorry, Happy Holidays money) to get all ready for one last forray into the academic school year.


Michael Lan