Your Wedding Second Hand (South Africa)

What this group is about. This group is here as a support system for people who are getting married. As arranging a wedding puts a lot of strain on a relationship and things are becoming increasingly more expensive, today’s bride needs all the help she can get. Anything from finding the right wedding invitations to the perfect dress all at a price that is affordable to your budget. You are welcome to ask and you are welcome to offer…. Please see the rules below.

1. In the description of the item, please include the
• Size
• Price
• Your location
• Condition
2. When you upload a photo of an item, and someone comments on it. You or the buyer must make an EFFORT to organize a place and time to meet and make the exchange. Alternatively organize how you will be sending the item(s). Only if the buyer hasn't gotten back to you and a date isn't set, then may you proceed to selling the item to the next person. The item isn't considered "yours" until you have made an arrangement to get the item.
3. If you want people to bid on the item, PLEASE SAY SO IN THE DESCRIPTION. Don't give something a price and then get greedy once everyone starts to show interest in your product.
4. Please, this group can only work if we work together, if you see anything that should not be here, or is not wedding related, please tag me in the post or report the person/picture. It’s as easy as that. Services, Businesses and even Weight-loss may be advertised as the bride might find anything useful.
5. If more than one person sends me an inbox complaining about you, I will remove you from the group immediately - I don’t have time to find out both sides of the story.
6. If you have a problem with the group, then leave. I don’t need your negative comments starting a hell fire in my happy place, and suggest making your own perfect page which is apparently so easy to do
7. PLEASE DELETE ITEMS AFTER THEY HAVE SOLD. This group is already as busy as it is, so please help keep it clean girls.