Youth Against Corruption Vanuatu

Youth Against Corruption Vanuatu (YACV)

Who Are We?
YACV is a forum for young people in Vanuatu where we can discuss issues of corruption in public life in our country. The youth population in Vanuatu (0-30 years) constitutes the majority age group. We are more than half of the national population. We have a voice, we vote, and we are demanding change!

What Do We Want?
We want a place to discuss the issues that affect the well-being and future of our democratic country. We are the people who will inherit the policies of today’s leaders. We want to be lead by our elders and show respect for them as part of our Melanesian culture. We expect in return that our leaders will be honest, intelligent, committed and not motivated by greed or self-interest. We are committed to the principles of Democracy by promoting and advocating for Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability in Vanuatu.

We want to expose and denounce any dishonesty, criminality and unconstitutional behaviour in our parliament. We want our leaders to be worthy of our loyalty. We are concerned with the level of bad behaviour from our politicians. Our leaders are in a high position of privilege and power. In return, they must display a higher level of accountability and transparency in their work in serving us. They are there because we, the voters of this country have put them there. They are also responsible to us, the voters and are expected to carry out what is expected of them under the law in Vanuatu. Likewise, we call for complete commitment to the rule of law in this democratic country, to be administered fairly and honestly. Likewise, we ask of our national security institutions, the police and defence forces to serve the people and uphold the rights of individuals to be treated justly according to the law. This means taking action even if those who break the law are in a high public position. Everyone should be equal before the law, no matter what their social position.

For too long now, some politicians have been acting as if we the people, do not know or do not care about unlawful and unjust behaviour. We are now watching very carefully, we know our rights as citizens and we will take peaceful and democratic actions to ensure that we, the young people of Vanuatu inherit a fair, just, peaceful, and lawful society where everyone can participate fully and express an opinion without fear.

We say NO to corruption
We say NO to dodgy land deals
We say NO to violence against our free press
We say NO to nepotism

We say NO to politicians who seek to serve only for their own financial gain
We say NO to the reinstatement of politicians with a history of dishonesty
We say NO to politicians who make major decisions of national importance in secret

We say YES to open discussion about the behaviour of politicians
We say YES to the rule of law
We say YES to tolerance and diversity in society
We say YES to honesty, genuine leadership and statesmanship
We say YES to democratic principles
We say YES to gender equality
We say YES to the voice and the power of ordinary people
We say YES to sustainable development and environmental protection
We say YES to open public debate about projects of national significance

Motto: 'Let us act today before our tomorrow comes with sorrow'