Yeovil Town Road Running Club

Running Club

Joining a running club can be a daunting idea for most people but it shouldn't be, a club can help you maintain your enthusiasm and help you with numerous running related problems, so whether your running for the fun of it, running to lose weight or running with another goal in mind, such as the London Marathon or any other event.
With our 280+ members there will always be someone with a similar pace to run with. Yeovil Town Road Running Club is the ideal club in the South Somerset area.
Joining the Yeovil Town Road Running Club is easy to do - they meet every week on a Tuesday at 6.30 in Yeovil (at Huish Park, or Goldenstones on nights when Yeovil Football Club are playing at home) and Thursday night pub runs, with an additional Friday night speed training session.

Tuesday night training runs from the Football ground are FREE for everybody. You do not need to be a member to come along. What happens is we gather around chatting while later comers arrive. There's a few quick announcements about upcoming racing and social events from a committee member. Then various run leaders are given route maps. Typically there are 4 different distances: maybe 4 miles, 5 miles, 7 and 8 miles. There are some amazingly picturesque countryside to be discovered, especially in the summer routes. We all trot off as one big group. At various places we stop and regroup so the slower runners have a chance to keep up with the faster ones. At certain split points the run leader for that sub-group takes a different route for the longer distance runners. We all look out for each other's safety regarding traffic and getting lost in the countryside, and ensure we all end up back at the football ground. By the end we generally experience a runners 'high' and people excitedly jabber while doing some cool-down stretches.

To find out about the running club the best place is our website

Here you will find out about club information, news, pub runs, cross country, race results, championship details, social events, the newsletter, race reports, the committee page, club kit, a gallery of pictures and a membership form.

Nothing beats face-to-face communication of getting to club nights and races. But the truth is we all, from time to time, get injured and drop off. Where this group could be useful is if a runner gets injured, or moves away from Yeovil, or has to work away for awhile, has shift-work, or if the desire to train drops off. In any of these scenarios having Facebook group is useful for maintaining contact with your running buddies. When you have discovered the lovely bunch of friends at Yeovil Town Running Club you will want to maintain those friendships.

Disclaimer: All the contents of this Facebook group are the personal views of individual group members and don't represent the official view of YTRRC or it's committee.