ZAPP - Zambian People's Parliament

The Zambian People’s Parliament (ZAPP) is a replica of the Zambian Parliament comprising a cross-section of citizens who constructively discuss, analyze, debate, persuade and agree on issues which border on democratic governance. Specifically, ZAPP is a place where citizens contribute their voice on Zambia’s democratic governance, political and socioeconomic development.

The essence of these online debates shall be to enable citizens make input into parliamentary and government’s policy and decision-making and provide a fora for issue-based discussion by politically-minded citizens, leaders in our communities and experts thus enabling the group to mold an opinion and influence decision-making.

Mission Statement

The Mission of ZAPP is to engage citizens, leaders in parliament and government, public and private sectors in jointly setting policy direction and ensuring decisions made at all levels reflect the will of the Zambian people to be governed according to democratic tenets.

Vision Statement

ZAPP’s Vision is to be a leading platform for both ordinary and empowered Zambians who freely express themselves and are heard in Zambia’s democratic governance and promotion of socioeconomic activities of the nation.