Zimbabwe Institute For Free Expression

Zimbabwe Institute For Free Expression (ZIFFE) is not a political organisation.Zimbabwe Institute For Free Expression (ZIFFE) is an organisation that educates on what entails Freedom of Expression and Opinion and the importance of free expression in society and the need to respect it.

We also do advocacy such that laws and values that hinder on freedom of expression and opinion be removed.

As we educate on this important principle we also learn from other free expression experts and individuals in order to come up with details on how best free expression can be achieved in oppressive societies.Such societies can be socially,culturally or politicaly oppressed.

However ,"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.This includes frredom to hold opinions without interference and to see,receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontier." -Article 19.

With time ZIFFE will hold tutorials and lessons hoping that we will all end up respecting each other's views and agree to disagree in peace.

ZIFFE is also striving to encourage people to speak out and share their views be it at home or at work without fear of victimisation.Speaking out breeds peace and gives birth to democratic societies.

Everyone has the right to be heard.Be it at home or at work.

"Oppressed Minds are Unprogressive minds "- ZIFFE.

ZIFFE is an interactive platform that seeks to harness innovative mechanisms to promote freedom of expression and opinion through new technologies and traditional ways.

We foster national and international collaboration in the use new technologies to promote unity,peace and democracy through the promotion of free expression everywhere for everyone. ZIFFE endeavors to bring Zimbabwe youths to the forefront of this cause as we apply demanding approaches to the challenges that are involved with freedom of expression and opinion and human rights per ser.

ZIFFE goals and objectives include the following:

■To lead the continuing efforts to effectively promote and defend freedom of expression and opinion by harnessing the world of technology, including internet and print.
■Bringing youths to the forefront of leadership, empower civil society and make the power of freedom of expression and opinion an agent of social cultural and political change.
■To provide an online community for the sharing of ideas and content using social network sites, websites and written materials that are educational, informative and support ZIFFE’s mission.
■To create a strong network of partners and to convene stakeholders in the promotion of free expression and opinion (including appropriate NGOs, youth organizations, government and international agencies, private sector ,religious ,cultural and educational institutions) in order to voice on the social and economic challenges in societies around the world.
■To contribute to sustainable development and MDG’s through knowledge sharing and by finding practical ways to use technologies at our disposal in order to encourage freedom of expression and opinion so as to achieve a better understanding of ourselves and ultimately promote tolerance and democracy
■To support and endorse a national coalition of educational institutions in developing a collaborative school and college curriculum that incorporates freedom of expression and opinion studies in private and public education.
■To facilitate a network of those engaged in democracy ,freedom of expression and opinion and identify possible partnerships between those working on the ground (NGOs and other civil society organizations) and on the internet .
■To do researches on free expression vis a vis cultural values and religious beliefs and any other appropriate researches.
■To serve as a resource library and platform for freedom of expression and opinion .
■To provide support and expertise to educational institutions through curriculum development, training, and freedom of expression studies.
■To support opportunities for free expression training and mentoring of aspiring free expression activists .
■To promote peace and unity through tolerance of different views.
■To empower voices so as to create a society of citizens who are able to speak freely without fear.


ZIFFE 's vision is achieving a peaceful and democratic Zimbabwe where everyone is free to speak out and share views everywhere.


Our agendas include

1. Campaigning for a freedom of expression and opinion Day in Zimbabwe - 08 Sept when the facebook group was formed if possible.

2. Campaigning for the removal of oppressive laws and values that hinder freedom of expression and opinion.

We are in need of more free expression activists to have us spread our wings for this worthy cause.

More about ZIFFE is at www.zimbabweinstituteforfreeexpression.com