ZURICH Parties & get togethers

This group is an extension of www.GLOCALS.com and of the glocals,com group http://www.glocals.com/groups/zurich-parties-and-get-togethers.htm


This group is created for all the Expats & expat-friendly professionals living in and around Zurich. Those who are open to meeting new folks & enjoying Zurich and most important, be part of the fun in Zurich!

Our REGULAR events include:
1. Thursday Night Drinks (every Thursday).
2. New Members Meet (last Thursday of every month).
3. Monthly Big Party Once every 2 months!

Please NOTE: this is NOT a group for advertising commercial events. ONLY FUN EVENTS are allowed in this group! The wall of this group can also be used as a FORUM but please post and comment in ENGLISH.

Before sending a request to join the group please make sure your public profile states you’re based in Zurich – without this information your request won’t be approved.

Admins of Zurich Parties & get togethers