Lebanon Township, NJ Community Bulletin Board

The best resource in Lebanon Township/North Hunterdon County for residents and local businesses! A public, organic, virtual bulletin board on which to post community events, alerts, news and questions you'd ask your most knowledgable neighbor.

Overheard from Local Members:

" I love this community board..its the best thing since sliced bread..." Joan Hoagland-Lucas

INTERESTED SUBSCRIBERS TO THIS FACEBOOK GROUP PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This group is made of and only for people of this Community of Lebanon Township and close surrounding local areas who live, work, study or own a physical business here. We will not add you to our membership if you do not or have never lived or worked in this community or local area and intend to join this group only to solicit business from or sell directly to our members. Thank you for your understanding, consideration and interest. There is a sister page that was created to handle posts for buying and selling things. You can request membership at the following page if this is what you are primarily here for or interested in: https://www.facebook.com/groups/340199466069446/

If you have any questions you may contact me directly by email at picturesleuth@mindspring.com.