Eldon ~ Lake Ozark ~ Miller and Camden County Resale

Make some money and resell your items locally! This group is meant for residents of Eldon, Lake Ozark and the Miller and Camden county areas but surrounding areas are always welcome, just please post your location!

You may add and/or bump up to 10 posts per day maximum (Example: bump 2 items, add 8 new OR bump 9 items add 1 new OR add 10 items today and add 10 new ones tomorrow. Any way you want up to 10 per day)

PLEASE do not duplicate posts. You need to delete the old post before you repost the same item. It saves on space and sanity :)

PLEASE no posts for franchised items! (Avon, Mary Kay, ItWorks Wraps, Plexus, etc)

PLEASE post meet/pick up location on each post

PLEASE delete your sold items

PLEASE DO look over any item that you are purchasing. As a buyer, YOU are responsible for doing so! I'm sure everyone means well, but your perception of "Excellent Used Condition" may very well be different than theirs

PLEASE DO use the new "Sell Something" feature. After you post your items using this feature, all of your for sale posts will be easily accessible with one simple click

Any post or album with no activity for 30+ days will be subject to automatic removal