Harrison County, Indiana STUFF FOR SALE

This is a LOCAL buying, trading, and selling group. We only allow people close to Harrison County, Indiana. If I cannot look at your profile and see where you live, I will not allow you in. Any spam will lead to immediate removal and ban from the group. Use caution when meeting people you do not know. Meet publicly for your safety. Admins are NOT responsible for any item sold on here unless sold by that admin. We are all adults here, act like it. No drama. Use the golden rule when dealing with others. Do not sell broken, stained, or otherwise defective items without letting the person know up front, likewise, it is your responsibility as a buyer to check items before buying. If you meet publicly, then you should be able to use wall sockets to check electronics at restaurants and most gas stations. We are not here to referee your fights, it will not be tolerated and will result in bans. Please do not make us be bad guys. you guys know what is right and what is wrong. Use common sense and manners and all wil be fine. God Bless and Happy Selling. Oh and business ads must contain an active telephone number on the post, if not it will be deleted, multiple deletions because of rule breaking ends in bans.