Armenian Business Network

Armenian Business Network (ABN) is a non-profit, New England based organization providing a business platform for Armenians to support Armenians first, in an effort to achieve individual, enterprise and community success.

Bringing Armenians together to Share, Learn, Support, and Grow.

Inspire and encourage Armenians to support fellow Armenians through shared learning and networking to achieve excellence in their professional, commercial, and community efforts.

- Volunteerism
- Sharing and Supportive
- Integrity and Trust
- Engaging and Welcoming

ABN Forum
Members get the opportunity to network and expand their business reach with other fellow Armenians through online forums, networking events, workshops, and support programs that provide access to best practices and improvement strategies in an effort to advance their career and business objectives.

ABN Programs
- Person-to-Person connections
- Business connections
- Networking events
- Job postings
- Workshops
- Champion an Armenian Program
- Online discussions

Joining ABN
ABN is a Closed Group on Linkedin and Facebook. However, joining is easy and FREE of charge and there are NO Membership Fees.
To join on Linkedin: Search “groups”, and click on Armenian Business Network. Submit a request to join.
To join ABN on Facebook: Search Armenian Business Network and submit a request to join.
We encourage you to invite your Armenian friends to join the ABN group - the more active Members we have, the better this platform can serve your business needs.

For more information regarding ABN please contact, any member of the Executive Team below. For general inquiries, please email us at,