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Please post pics, contribute commentary, buy, sell, trade, and above all else: "KEEP IT CLASSY".


1. How do I get a cypop?
The answer to this is timing, community, and some luck. Luc does his best to make as many of these as he can but they can only be produced between making knife parts for his order book “which is about 3 years out” so he makes them when he can and they are listed here, in his USN group, knife shows that Luc attends and sometimes though dealers.

2. What is a brawler?
Per Lucas, "I've seen a lot of people asking what the Brawler's are about.
The whole idea and the reason for the name was never about fighting.
It's good to be tough and strong but you can do that and still be an asshole, it's harder to be tough and good.
Brawler is about family, standing up for what's right, and being thankful for what you have. The realization that good things take hard work and the fact that sometimes you just have to take it on the chin and get up again.
Everyone knows the best brawlers are the ones with heart.
Work hard do good".

3. How do I become a brawler?
The answer to this is similar to the one above and since the “Brawlers” are a community group becoming part of the community here is the best way to get in. From time to time there are sales items that will gain you membership, there are good deeds that will get you in, and from time to time the doors are opened. Most importantly make friends have fun and stay classy, the rest of this stuff……is just stuff the real value of these things are in the family that comes with them.

4. What happens if I ask questions about things that are already answered here?
Asking these questions, after freshly being added to the group, will cause you to be publicly ridiculed and/or have your post removed.