This group was created to help find and return lost fur babies to their homes!! It was created in Oct. 2011. We have expanded and created a second group now that handles only LOST AND FOUND FURRY ONES.(Please find the link to our LOST AND FOUND ONLY GROUP PINNED AT THE TOP OF THIS GROUP PAGE) We, as a group, since Oct 2011 have been a part of 533 lost fur babies being returned home and over 1000 furry ones finding new/fur-ever homes!! (to our best tracking ability) We have seen this work over and over again...it was time for a page to allow members to post their pics of lost or found critters (and ones in need of fur-ever homes) so that they can make their way back home again or find new loving homes for a fresh start!
Review the rules before posting!

The page you are on NOW only allows posts of the following:

Posts of furry ones in need of new homes (FTGH only) The post MUST state this or it will be deleted.
A pic must be posted as well.
ALL posts that have items to sell must be listed separately from any FTGH pets.

**You MAY ask a fee ONLY if the pet is a puppy that you have vetted properly and have proof by receipts from vet of such. Then you can get reimbursed for what you have spent. If pet is older than a year then this vetting is something you should have done anyway. This fee MUST be stated up front for all to see in your posting.

Humans in need of animal related items or have animal related questions
Pet items for sale.

Rescue Orgs can place pics of their adoptable babies and any other type of service announcement of local events as long as it is stated in post that there is an adoption fee. For rescues we allow two dogs and two cats per week(or a combination there of but four posts total. Please update the status often on these babies to help us out!

This should all be about our "local" furry ones though!
Please post picture, description and location to better assist everyone as well as a way to reach you! Keep it clean and be respectful! This is all about the furry kids!!! We cover Glynn County and ALSO surrounding counties. You can review the "files" section (tab found at the top of page) to assist you in your posts so that they will be more effective! Thank you all for your concern, care and compassion as well as your immense contribution to our fur loving community. YOU DO make a difference here!
If you have questions or need assistance feel free to contact me, Melissa Barnett, the group admin. I will do what I can to assist you! Also serving as admins and able to assist are Candark Silmper, Lindsay Greene and Becky Daugtery and Hailey Fendig . Thanks for joining us!