Mommy Classifieds, Beirut, Lebanon

A private mother-to-mother marketplace in Beirut, Lebanon. If you have new or used baby, child, mother and/or household-related items to sell, feel free to post them here.

Please include an item description, pictures and your contact information. Be sure to remove the item when it's sold. Share this site with all of the mothers you know in lebanon so we can expand this site! ALL ITEMS FOR SALE MUST BE IN LEBANON, PLEASE DO NOT POST IF YOU (OR THE ITEM) ARE OUTSIDE OF LEBANON OR YOU WILL BE REPORTED AND DELETED.

We love supporting our mama's personal businesses and love to see your creativity! However, we'd like to ask those of you who run shops to please limit your posts so as not to clog up the board with multiple pictures and posts of the same items. You can easily do this by creating a photo album of all of your goods for sale and then sharing the entire album to this page. Thank you!

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