'OzBaggies' - The West Bromwich Albion Supporters Club of Australia

Founded in 2000, the OzBaggies was founded by Julian Floyd, Jeremy Barnes, Dave Payne and Mick Wilson and is now the 'Officially recognised' Australian Supporters Club for Albion fans in Australia.

Club President - Open at present
Club Development - Graham Winder
Facebook Manager & Creator - Jon Hartland
Social Boinger - Stephanie Tavinor

Life Members and OzBaggie Legends (in no particular order)

Julian Floyd - Founding Member and creator of the original OzBaggies site. Will never forget the 'Star Warsesque' scolling banner.

Mike Trigg - Another founding member and lifelong Albion fan, Mike is highly enthusiastic about the OzBaggies and created the logo.

David Payne - If you want something on DVD or CD thats Albion related, this man has it. Dave always has a crowd around him at Sydney Baggies nights with his collection of memorabilia and is usually the one dishing out legitimate DVD's and CD's ;-)

Mick 'the Professor' Wilson - or 'Cockney Mick' - Guaranteed to wear a scarf, Mick is the joker of the pack and not one to let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Jeremy Barnes - Jeremy is the former President of the OzBaggies. Residing in Melbourne once upon a time, Jeremy followed his heart and returned to the UK where it is reported he has a Penthouse apartment in the East Stand! Jeremy organised the t-shirts and baseball caps.