Redbridge Chums & Mums..(ilford, seven kings, wanstead, chadwell heath etc)

If you live, work or, just love being in Redbridge in East London, you may want to be a part of this group...

The group should be used to share local events, sales, general information, news, listing local businesses and local queries.

Please note many events found under the 'Events' tab are placed for your information only and not hosted by the 'creator' of the listing.

Use the group to make some new friends. Meetups are organised occasionally but don't feel shy to set up a meetup of your own!

Please feel free to add your local friends and remember this isn't limited to those who live/work here..


If you would like to list your local business on here, please either 'create' a new document or upload an existing document under the Files section. This can currently be found as a tab on the top right hand section of the page. Any further updates must be done under this document and not on the main wall. You may not be able to do this via your mobile phone app and therefore use your computer to do this. This should help prevent members feeling spammed...
Do not place ads directly on the wall. Repeated offenders will be removed from the group

SELLERS (Secondhand/Unwanted Gifts)
Please also create a File if you have more than one item to sell and place photos in an album. This is not a meant to be a selling site so please do not bombard the wall with your items. Maximum of one album or three separate items per week please!

Please remember as with any forum, exercise care when giving away your personal information. The group is open to all which allows for ease of exchanging information, but members' credentials are *not vouched for*. If you are looking for eg. a tradesman, it is always a good idea to get personal recommendations from someone you actually know. Admin are not responsible for the action of others on here but will not tolerate bad language or racism.

Thank you for reading!