Bellingham Bargains

For buying and selling second hand and unwanted items in Bellingham, Northumberland and the surrounding areas including Wark, Kielder, Otterburn, West Woodburn, Ridsdale etc.

Rules of Bellingham Bargains. These rules are in place to help the group run smoothly, please familiarise yourself with them.

1. No business advertising. There are other selling groups who will allow you to advertise on certain days. For North Tyne businesses and services please advertise on:

2. Please put a price on your items.

3. If you have more than three individual items for sale, please put them in an album.

4. Only 'bump' once in every 24 hours. Max 3 bumps at a time.

5. Please give people the chance to answer your questions or comments. Not everyone is able to reply immediately.

6. Please remove items once they have sold.

Thanks for reading.