Something we've based this group on from the beginning, h...owever things get out of hand too fast.

The idea of the page was in fact to make a place for 'car related banter' some of the shit that's been posted has got outrageous.

The admins have decided in order for the page to survive, we need rules.

•Racism, anything remotely racist will be deleted.
•Bullying, banter is banter... its a laugh, don't make it too personal.
•Advertising, dont. If you want to advertise your car get on autotrader, if you want more members for your group get some flyers and get yourself out on the streets.
•Screenshots of screenshots or deleted posts, just fucking don't.
•Politics, its a car banter page, not parliament.
•Porn, porn is great, i love it, who doesn't... but if it violates Facebook t&c's we'll get shutdown.
•No meme wars...
•Don't post phone numbers, home or email addresses of others.
•If a post offends you, GET OFF THE INTERNET, or inbox one of the admins

LASTLY, all of the admins have jobs and loves away from slamber if you dont like how the page is run, fuck off