You're over 30 and from Weymouth when......

Despite your better judgement, you still used to ride the dodgy rollercoaster at the old fair at Jubilee Sidings.

You couldnt wait for saturday morning pictures at the Odeon, and you ran like crazy to get a seat upstairs then you ran like mad to get out first and you came out at the side of the multistorey car park! - added by Collette Clark

you used to be able to sit on the shelf in the doorway of O'Flannigan's! - added by Katherine Rogers was Lander

you have been wasted in the Golden Eagle and seen Jumping Jimmy Thunder fall off the stage - added by Joe Pheby

At some point you were friendly with the driver of the Land Train and had free rides.

You went drinking in the steamer and the steamhouse, the steering wheel, ledgends and the town crier and malibu! - added by Charlotte Cartwright

you danced on the stage at the "cats whiskers" - added by Denise Conway

After spending all day on the beach you could go to the waterfront and buy batter bits for 2p and if you were really lucky you get a bit of fish in it - added by Collette Clark

You had to queue in the rain down the side of the cinema for classics like Flash Gordon. - added by John Gillie

You could buy your fags 1 at a time 5p each from the Bonbon! - added by Coral Highfield

sutton's coffee shop! the place to have real coffee before weymouth became the coffee shop capital of dorset! - added by Paul Liggins

you rode the free bus to Bowleaze Pleasuredome - added by Mark Freeman

kiwi and strawberry 20/20 was all the rage.... yuk! - added by Liane Goldsmith

u got served alcohol and fags from the nightjar, no questions asked!! - added by Liane Goldsmith

it was compulsory to have a scoffers burger after a night out! - added by Collette Clark

You got your chips after a night out at the copper kitchen!
- added by Coral Highfield

You still remember Alan Dee's agressive sales technique.
- added by Matt Kelly

you frequented O'Flanigans ........ good times lol xx - added by Amesha Ryan

You still call 'Verdi's' Verdi's..... - added by Pete Robinson

You were a regular at Pavvy's disco - added by Kerrie Tizard Kez

You went Skinny Dippin' - added by Kerrie Tizard Kez

You've unwittingly started your night with Cheddar Valley in 'The Boot'

Equally unwittingly ended your night with Red K and flaming sambuca's in Verdi's

You don't have an urge to run in the sea when you see it

You miss 'The pigs in the pen'

You know who Jumpin' Jimmy is

You park your car in Chapelhay and 'Walk to town'

You've done the 'Park Street Shuffle' more times than you remember

You've rollerskated in the Pavvy

You can't imagine 'The Marlboro' not being there

You've fell in the harbour and/or radipole lake

You've had Tommy's Whopper in your mouth

You remember Grace

You arranged your night out around the 'Dog House' happy hour

3 in a row was your favourite hangout

You pulled in Pickwicks

Bowleaze cove was for everyone

You knew 'The Nutmans' if anyone messed with you

You almost cried when 'The Duchy' burn't down

You've drag raced on the seafront

You've watched the sunrise with a 'Scoffers' in your hand

You know the time of the last bus to/from Portland

You've tombstoned the stone pier in your pants